Reapportionment I

Published on May 08, 2011

Explanation and notice of public hearing on August 9 for Jeffco:

Background: Colorado's population grew by 727,935 people in the last ten years. This means that each of our 65 house districts will need to have approximately 77,000 people in them and each of our 35 Senate districts will increase to around 143,500. Even though Jeffco's overall population increased by 1.4% to 534,543 we will  now only fill 7 house districts rather than the 8 we currently occupy. Therefore we will "lose" a house district and our current borders will shift. Our senate borders will also shift but we should still be allocated to three full districts and a portion of a fourth.


The Reapportionment Commission has drawn preliminary maps for both the house and senate districts. The house district map is respectful of county, city, and communities of interest (as stipulated constitutionally). It is a good map and should fair all citizens of Jefferson County well over the next ten years. The democrats are not happy with the house map so it is anticipated that they will be filling the room to try to get it changed. If you support it as currently drawn, it would a good idea to let the commission know: Attend the Hearing or Contact the Commission


Our senate borders do not allow for fair respresentation of the citizens of Jeffco. Currently our population allows for 3.72 districts. However the commission has drawn preliminary districts to allow for only two districts to be wholly contained in Jeffco. We are allocated only 87% of Senate District 19. 13% of that district will come from Adams county east of Sheridan and south of 36. The statute governing the reapportionment process gives deference to the county borders. Therefore it is unclear as to why the commission saw fit to grab 20,000 residents of Adams county and put them in a district that could actually be wholly contained in Jeffco. Especially when Adams county has three full districts which could encompass those residents.









     Portion in Adams County








There is a public hearing scheduled to allow for our input. We are asking all Republican residents of Jefferson County to look at these reapportionment maps and statistics and contact the commission or come to that hearing to express your opinions. They need to hear your opinion as to the validity of the house maps and senate maps both good and bad. Attend the Hearing or Contact the Commission


The Colorado Reapportionment Commission members are:

Gayle Berry (R) Dolores Atencio (D)
Robert Loevy (R) Sen Morgan Carroll (D)
Mario Nicolais (R) Rep Matt Jones (D)
Steve Tool (R) Arnold Salazar (D)
Rob Witwer (R) Wellington Webb (D)  
  Mario Carrera (U)             


Contact the Commission

Preliminary State Senate Boundaries 072711 (Page 12)

Preliminary State House Boundaries 072711 (Page 18)

Information on the Redistricting and Reapportionment Process

Article V Section 47

Colorado Census Data

Reapportionment Public Hearings Schedule

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