Activists, Candidates, Central Committee and Data Managers

Most of this website is visible to the public. Several groups have special privileges however.

Central Committee People

Starting with the two Precinct Committee-persons elected at the Precinct Caucuses in the early spring every even-numbered year, up to the Chairman of the Jeffco GOP.  We give these people on-line access to data so they can better serve the Republicans in their precincts.

If you're a member, just Register on this site.  When we approve your registration we give you full access to the features put in place expressly for you.

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Data Managers

Central Committee people and trusted individuals to whom they assign data entry responsibility have access to the "Data Management" area.  There they can enter and update information about the voters in their precincts.  E.g. the responses people offer in a "Get Out the Vote" campaign, people's volunteer preferences such as wanting to walk with candidates or put out a yard sign, phone numbers and email addresses.  As a CC Member, to give data entry responsibility to a trusted volunteer, please contact Headquarters so someone can upgrade the individual's “permissions level” to give the person access to that area. Then when the person logs in he will automatically have access to that area.

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Jeffco GOP Activists Club

Register on this site to become a Member. It is free. Membership is available to Jefferson County Republicans (i.e. people who choose Republican as their party affiliation in their Jeffco voter registration).

The benefits are:

  • Upcoming activist planning sessions and events will be visible to you on the site's calendar.
  • If you want, we'll send email notifications of such sessions and events.
  • Easy ways to sign-up for activist events.
  • You can add events to the Calendar -- Just go to the calendar and add an event!
  • Swift contact with your precinct's Central Committee Members. We give you their phone numbers, addresses and an on-line form to contact anyone directly.
  • Reserve the Headquarters conference area for meetings (no charge). Details here.

To get started, just Register on this site.

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Candidates and their Staff

The Candidates’ Private Section is for candidates and their staffs.  Once you (the candidate or staff-person) register on the site, contact Headquarters to let them know so they can upgrade your “permissions level” (meaning what you can see and do on this site). Your privileges include:

  • All the privileges of the Jeffco GOP Activists Club
  • Contact information your Central Committee members.
  • Historic voter statistics - download as pdf or Microsoft Excel.
  • Current voter data - Query to drill down to what you want and download in Excel, PDF, or online.  This is the public data we get from the state which includes addresses, when the person voted last, party affiliation, age, etc. We update this frequently and give you instant access to it.
  • Voter data updated with response details - You and authorized volunteers and CC people can update online, even from a cellphone or tablet as you walk, information about the voters, such as their hot issues, email addresses, and more.
  • Helpful information such as links to relevant sites, dealing with the public bureaucracies, and cost estimates for events.
  • Announcements of upcoming training for candidates and staff.

To get started, just Register on this site then contact Headquarters so they can upgrade your “permissions level” to give you full access to the features put in place expressly for candidates and their staff. 

All set to go and logged-in?  Enter here for access to the Members Only entry page. Click on the Calendar tab at the top of any page to add your events.  Be sure to let folks know where they can see you in person!