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Special Events

You will receive emails notifying you of upcoming political events of interest to voters in Jefferson County. For example:

  • Jeffco annual events like the BBQ and Candidiate Roundup
  • Denver Metro area events hosting big names like Karl Rove, Dick Morris and Dana Perino

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Talking Points

Receive a once a week snippet of information of interest to local voters. The purpose of the talking points email is to not only inform you of things happening in Jeffco that the TV news doesn't cover, but to give you something to discuss at the water cooler. For example:

  • Jeffco Schools test results
  • A big project approved at a city council meeting
  • A dangerous liason discovered between lawmakers and the private sector

Activists Club Alerts

Receive timely notices of opportunities to participate in grassroots efforts. For example:

  • Opportunties to join others in phone calling
  • Walking door to door for candidates
  • Public hearings
  • Training opportunities

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