Opportunities to Get Involved

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Our mission is to get candidates elected who will promote the core beliefs of the Republican Party: limited government, fiscal and personal responsibility, individual freedom, free enterprise and a strong national defense.  Please help us in that endeavor!


Work within your Neighborhood – Become a Precinct Committee Person (PC) or Blockworker

Be a GOP Poll Watcher.

Republicans appoint poll watchers to observe election procedures, update the voted list and work on GOTV election day. This involves a night of training or webinar training and availability for at least a portion of election day.

Contact:Headquarters to learn more. You can also keep an eye out for postings online or on the calendar, or sign up for an email list to be notified.


Work on a Key Project or in Day-to-day Work

Are you a publicist? A writer? Political activist? Fund-raiser? Educator? Event planner? Website builder? Programmer? Good on the phone? Do you prefer to help in the office?

Some activists want to work in a particular area such as caucus prep or event planning. Others come in a few hours a week to answer the phones, greet visitors and take care of some general office work. Sign up for what suits you.

Donate Money

Our work is 100% funded by local donations, and your support is much needed and wisely spent. Contributions fund operations, candidate support, statutory election cycle activities, and one part-time paid staff member. If you can't volunteer time or other resources, please donate today.