2018 Ballot Guide by We The People

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Check out our 24-page 2018 Jefferson County Ballot Guide.  Please share the link, you may download the pdf and distribute.

We hope you will find this voter guide informative and helpful in completing your 2018 ballot.  Please note that the platform resolutions listed on page 2 were formed from the 2018 caucus resolutions in which thousands of Republicans contributed their comments.  Those resolutions were then  voted on at our March 2018 County Assembly, requiring 2/3 approval to pass for support.

Finally, the Jefferson County Republican Party Executive Committee debated the ballot questions in September 2018 and voted to support, oppose, or remain neutral.

Please note that the Jefferson County Republican candidates may have their own views on the ballot issues and this guide is not meant to reflect their position. 

Contact the candidates if you have questions about their positions.  Their contact information is in the Voter Guide and also on our candidate page.

The ballot is long. Besides candidates, the ballot includes thirteen judicial retention questions within Jefferson County.  Retention means whether to keep a judge in their position or not.

A majority vote of no by voters on judicial retention means that the next governor of Colorado will be responsible for appointing a new judge. We hope this will be Walker Stapleton.

Besides candidates and judicial retention, there are also at least thirteen statewide ballot issue questions and potentially local tax and debt measures.

That's a lot of questions on the ballot and why we are offering this ballot guide.  If you should need further information, please call our office at (303) 277-1113.

2018 Jefferson County Ballot Guide  Please share the link, you may also download the pdf and distribute.

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