Jeffco GOP Central Committee Structure

The JeffCo GOP is the official Jefferson County arm of the Republican Party. We are mandated by state statute to perform certain functions within the party such as planning and executing precinct caucuses and the county assembly. We also perform voluntary functions within the community. The organization is run by elected members of the Central Committee and its Bylaws.  This is an all volunteer organization. It takes many volunteers who give of their time and other resources to promote Republican values. Below are brief descriptions of each position in the Central Committee. We welcome you to join us. Every volunteer makes a difference!

Precinct Committee People (PC) 

PCs are elected by their neighbors at caucus and serve for two years. They are responsible for organizing the precinct block workers and coordinating events and GOTV (get out the vote) efforts at the local level. They are also responsible for bringing the paperwork to caucus and helping the chairman run it. This is technically the lowest rung on the political ladder, and as such is its most important position. It is essentially the grassroots level that connects directly to voters. Jefferson County is made up of 260 precincts. There are  two PC positions per precinct. Therefore there are up to 520 PCs. If you'd like to become a PC, attend your precinct caucus and state your intent to the caucus chair. For now, you can contact a party member and join the team in your neighborhood. See GOP Bylaws for a description of the PC's role, or a quick summary of a PC's role here.

District Captain (DC)

Precincts are organized into Captains Districts. Each Captains District is comprised of 4-10 precincts. Every February of odd numbered years (in between election years) the Central Committee holds a meeting and  Precinct Committee People elect two DCs from the Central Committee within their district. The role of DC is essentially one of middle management. They are responsible for organizing the PCs and act as a liaison between the PCs and Area Coordinators or Candidates. 


The officers of the party consist of Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary.  They are elected to a term of two years by members of the Central Committee every odd year.

Appointed Members (no voting rights)


The treasurer handles the finances of the organization.

Area Coordinator (AC)

There are 7 House Districts completely contained in Jefferson County. Each of those districts is assigned an Area Coordinator. The ACs are appointed appointed positions and are responsible for all the precincts in their house districts and manage them through the District Captains. (HD 01, a mostly Denver County district, has one precinct in Jefferson County.)


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